Canon Pixma : Bringing colour to life [HD]

The creative studio DENTSU, teamed up with photographer Linden Gledhill to create a series of paint sculptures using sound vibrations. The series was part of a campaign for Canon’s PIXMA ink printer brand.

The photographs and videos begin by wrapping a membrane around a small speaker. Ink drops are placed on this membrane and the speaker is turned on. Once it begins to vibrate the ink begins to jump up and down. High-speed video cameras and still cameras were used to capture this including circling around the sculptures to see them from all angles. The videos were shot at 5000 frames per second.

Experimenting with different sounds and frequencies created the various pieces.

The video above provides a behind-the-scene look at how the ad was shot. Turn on the HD, fullscreen it and enjoy (beautiful music running in the background).

Song: Anyone - Keith Kenniff

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Click here for the entire set.

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